Class DateTimes


@API(status=EXPERIMENTAL, since="1.5.1") public class DateTimes extends Object
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    • dateTimes

      public static LocalDateTimeArbitrary dateTimes()
      Create an arbitrary that generates instances of LocalDateTime. All generated dates use the Gregorian Calendar, even if they are before October 15, 1582. By default, local dates with years between 1900 and 2500 are generated.
      a new arbitrary instance
    • offsetDateTimes

      @API(status=EXPERIMENTAL, since="1.5.5") public static OffsetDateTimeArbitrary offsetDateTimes()
    • zonedDateTimes

      @API(status=EXPERIMENTAL, since="1.6.3") public static ZonedDateTimeArbitrary zonedDateTimes()
    • instants

      @API(status=EXPERIMENTAL, since="1.5.4") public static InstantArbitrary instants()