Interface FalsifiedSample

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@API(status=MAINTAINED, since="1.3.5") public interface FalsifiedSample
A falsified sample is the collection of data that could be falsified during a property run.
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  • Method Details

    • parameters

      List<Object> parameters()
      The actual parameters used when running a property method.

      If parameters are muted during the run, e.g. elements have been added to a mutable collection, this method returns the muted objects.

      list of objects of same size as list returned by shrinkables().
    • shrinkables

      List<Shrinkable<Object>> shrinkables()
      The list of shrinkables that were used to generate the parameters. The position of shrinkables corresponds to the actual parameter object in parameters().

      You can create a fresh, unchanged list of parameter objects through sample.shrinkables().stream(Shrinkable::value).collect(Collectors.toList()).

      list of shrinkables of same size as list returned by parameters().
    • falsifyingError

      Optional<Throwable> falsifyingError()
      The error which resulted in falsifying a property. If the property was falsified by return false this method returns Optional.empty().
      an optional error
    • footnotes

      @API(status=MAINTAINED, since="1.5.5") List<String> footnotes()
      List of footnotes to be added to failure report.
      list of strings