Annotation Interface StatisticsReport

@Target({ANNOTATION_TYPE,METHOD,TYPE}) @Retention(RUNTIME) @Documented @Repeatable(StatisticsReportList.class) @API(status=MAINTAINED, since="1.2.3") public @interface StatisticsReport
This annotation can be used to influence statistics reporting. You can either annotate a property method to change reporting for this property only or a container class to change reporting for all properties in this class or nested subclasses.

There are three usage scenarios:

  • Use @StatisticsReport(STANDARD) to enable the standard reporting. This is the default anyway.
  • Use @StatisticsReport(OFF) to disable statistics reporting.
  • Use @StatisticsReport(format = YourReportFormat.class) to plug in your own format.

This annotation is repeatable when used on property methods. In this case use label() to specify for which statistics collection the given report format shall be used.

  • Field Details

  • Element Details

    • value

    • format

      Class<? extends StatisticsReportFormat> format
      The format to be used for publishing statistics reports in the annotated property.
    • label

      @API(status=MAINTAINED, since="1.5.1") String label
      The statistics label to which the format in this annotation should be applied.
    • onFailureOnly

      @API(status=EXPERIMENTAL, since="1.5.5") boolean onFailureOnly
      Set to true when only failing properties should report their statistics