Interface ArbitraryConfigurator

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    public interface ArbitraryConfigurator
    extends java.lang.Comparable<ArbitraryConfigurator>
    Implementors can modify any arbitrary before it's being used for value generation. Most implementations use ArbitraryConfiguratorBase to derive from

    Implementations must be registered in /META-INF/services/net.jqwik.api.configurators.ArbitraryConfigurator so that they will be automatically considered for arbitrary configuration.

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      • configure

        <T> Arbitrary<T> configure​(Arbitrary<T> arbitrary,
                                   TypeUsage targetType)
        Configure a given arbitrary and return the configured instance.
        arbitrary - The arbitrary instance to be configured
        targetType - The type of the object to be generated by the arbitrary
        the newly configured arbitrary instance
      • order

        default int order()
        Determines the order in which a configurator will be applied in regards to other configurators. Default value is 100. Use lower values to enforce earlier application and higher values for later application.
        the order