Interface StatisticsCollector

  • @API(status=MAINTAINED,
    public interface StatisticsCollector
    This class serves as an interface to collect statistical data about generated values within a property method.
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      • collect

        StatisticsCollector collect​(java.lang.Object... values)
        Call this method to record an entry for statistical data about generated values. As soon as this method is called at least once in a property method, the statistical data will be reported after the property has finished.

        For examples see Statistics.collect(Object...)

        values - Can be anything. The list of these values is considered a key for the reported table of frequencies. Constraints:
        • There must be at least one value
        • The number of values for the same collector (i.e. same label) must always be the same in a single property
        • Values can be null
        The current instance of collector to allow a fluent coverage API
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if one of the constraints on values is violated