Class Action.JustTransform<S>

All Implemented Interfaces:
Action<S>, Action.Independent<S>
Enclosing interface:

public abstract static class Action.JustTransform<S> extends Object implements Action.Independent<S>
Subclass if you want to implement an independent action that simply transforms the given state.

If you rather want to declaratively specify an action start with Action.just(Transformer), Action.when(Predicate) or Action.builder().

For actions whose state transformation depends on the state, you have to implement either Action.Dependent or Action.Independent.

  • Constructor Details

    • JustTransform

      public JustTransform()
  • Method Details

    • transformer

      public Arbitrary<Transformer<S>> transformer()
      Description copied from interface: Action.Independent
      Return an arbitrary for transformers that does not depend on the previous state.

      In addition to performing a state transformation the transforming function can also check or assert post-conditions and invariants that should hold when doing the transformation.

      Specified by:
      transformer in interface Action.Independent<S>
      an arbitrary of type Transformer.
    • transform

      public abstract S transform(S state)