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jqwik Latest Release: 1.8.4

Property-Based Testing in Java

How to Contribute to jqwik

Open source projects need a community to be successful. That’s why your contributions are essential.

Contact and Questions

You can follow jqwik on Mastodon and answer questions on Stackoverflow.

Bugs, Ideas and Feature Suggestions

Please, please, please add your suggestion, ideas and bug reports using the project’s issue tracker on github.

Pull Requests

Of course, you are also invited to send in pull requests. Before you submit a PR make sure you follow the contributing rules.

Be prepared, though, that I’ll be picky about what I accept, since a good level of consistency is crucial for shaping the mid and long-term future of a project’s design and architecture. As a matter of course, never forget to include example- or property-based-tests together with your pull request.

Supporter, Maintainer, Influencer

If you want to become a long-term supporter, maintainer or committer for jqwik please get in touch.