Interface LongArbitrary

All Superinterfaces:
Arbitrary<Long>, NumericalArbitrary<Long,LongArbitrary>

@API(status=MAINTAINED, since="1.0") public interface LongArbitrary extends NumericalArbitrary<Long,LongArbitrary>
Fluent interface to configure the generation of Long and long values.
  • Method Details

    • between

      default LongArbitrary between(long min, long max)
      Set the allowed lower min (included) and upper max (included) bounds of generated numbers.
    • greaterOrEqual

      LongArbitrary greaterOrEqual(long min)
      Set the allowed lower min (included) bound of generated numbers.
    • lessOrEqual

      LongArbitrary lessOrEqual(long max)
      Set the allowed upper max (included) bound of generated numbers.
    • shrinkTowards

      @API(status=MAINTAINED, since="1.4.0") LongArbitrary shrinkTowards(long target)
      Set shrinking target to target which must be between the allowed bounds.